Cinnarch 2012.11.22 is Looking Sharp

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 23, 2012

Cinnarch is a new project coupling Linux Mint's Cinnamon desktop with the popular Arch Linux. Like Arch, it's technically a rolling release distribution, but with periodic snapshot releases. A new update, considered "in beta stage" by founder Alex Filgueira, was just released and it sounded ripe for a test drive.

Cinnarch is an installable live system for i686 or x86_64 and offers your choice of several languages upon boot. The first stop is a selection dialog asking if you'd like to run as a live system or install Cinnarch. The installer is a console menu-based installer, but developers are working on a graphical version.

The desktop is neat and uncluttered and the menu is logical and easy to navigate. New file manager Nemo is one of the new highlights. Cinnamon Settings helps customize your desktop. In it are settings for desktop effects, panel, desktop, hot corner, the menu, and much more. Also included are several backgrounds and one spare theme (with a link to get more). There are also quite a few useful applets (but no extensions). Again, there are links to obtain both.

Featured as default in Cinnarch are Linux 3.6.6 and applications such as Shotwell, Chromium, Pidgin, Brasero, Cheese, and Totem. LibreOffice is available through a convenient install script. You'll also get lots of tools and accessories such as the Archive Manager, GNOME Terminal, and GNOME Screenshot. As if that wasn't enough, PacmanXG is included to install even more (among the many package management tasks it performs).

A list of changes according to the release announcement is:

* Multilingual access from boot menu in syslinux
* Unmuted ALSA channels
* Fixed screenshot button
* Support for usb modem and vpn on networkmanager
* Nemo as the new Cinnarch's default file manager
* Default folders (Downloads, Desktop, Images...)
* Support for VIA graphic cards
* Installed missing dosfstools on Cinnarch Live
* Option to install GRUB2 or any UEFI bootloader
* Lightdm replaces lightdm-ubuntu
* Pantheon-greeter replaces unity-greeter
* Cinnarch mirrorlist added as a package. Now cinnarch repos could have different mirrors too
* New libreoffice-installer by Almin Soft (pacmanXG developer)
* CLI Installer got improved in many aspects

For a beta Cinnarch 2012.11.22 is looking pretty sharp. Download your copy at