Citrix Forms OpenStack Partnership with Red Hat

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 27, 2015

Red Hat has a lot of experience with OpenStack cloud computing, and Citrix has years of similar experience having been the steward of CloudStack. Now, the two companies are forming a cloud computing-centric partnership. Citrix is unveiling the integration and certification of its application delivery controller, NetScaler, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. "For the first time, customers can now assemble their cloud infrastructure using best of breed components from Citrix and Red Hat," the companies are touting.

The new joint solution is targeted to provide customers with access to a broader portfolio of products to further boost the performance and scale provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform deployments.

According to Citrix:

"NetScaler is used as core infrastructure for some of the largest cloud providers in the world, and this announcement brings the power of comprehensive networking infrastructure solutions to customers choosing to build their clouds on OpenStack. Earlier this year, Citrix joined the OpenStack Foundation with a view towards supporting industry and customer initiatives in building highly scalable public and private clouds. As customers drive towards building fully-integrated, “lights-out” datacenters with minimal manual configuration and intervention, this integration provides them with fully automated control over services through a single control point - the newly available NetScaler Control Center."

"NetScaler Control Center offers customers the ability to deploy complex configurations including clustering, all managed through a single management control pane. NetScaler Control Center allows for the full range of deployment methods natively integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and customers can use a single, native OpenStack configuration to automatically drive configuration changes to NetScaler."

According to Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager of OpenStack at Red Hat: "Customers choose OpenStack because they want a truly open, production-ready platform for building their public or private clouds. By working together with Citrix, NetScaler is now certified to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and offers customers the rich capabilities of NetScaler for workload availability, security, scalability, and performance."

You can find much more information at the NetScaler product page.