Clone Attack, Tails Rebased, and Banana Pi?

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 23, 2014

Today in Linux news, Oracle Linux 7 was released. reports that Tails now features a "Windows 8 camouflage mode." has five reasons to love Deepin and LinuxUser & Developer has a review of the Banana Pi. This and more in tonight's Linux news review.

The Register covered the release of Oracle Linux 7 today saying it's an attack of clones. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols said similar, "It's eight years later, and Oracle is still copying RHEL with its release of Oracle Linux 7." See either for more. In related new, has a review of CentOS 7. today reported that Tails 1.1, based on Debian Wheezy and Tor, features UEFI boot support, a Windows 8 camouflage, and Linux 3.14. Tails 1.1.1 is due September 2 and already under construction.

LinuxUser & Developer today ran a review of Banana Pi, a Chinese competitor to the Raspberry Pi. It features a dual-core ARM processor at 912 MHz, 1 GB RAM, and all your favorite ports. L&D says it's obvious even without the name that the board is inspired by Raspberry Pi - if a bit revved up. It's bigger though, so it's not a direct drop-in replacement. But L&D says, "In general use, the Banana Pi leaves the Raspberry Pi standing. The faster processor is also supported by more reliable USB ports, but it’s the SATA connectivity that will likely interest most."

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