Cloudera's Platform Now Includes Hadoop Optimization, Analytics Tool

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 21, 2016

Cloudera, which provides a complete data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and related open source technologies, announced the beta release of Cloudera Navigator Optimizer--a tool for improved workload performance and efficiency--late last year. Essentially, the tool allowed users to modernize their analytic database or augment their data warehouse solution with Hadoop, serving up insights aimed at predictably offloading key workloads.

Now, Cloudera has announced the general availability of Cloudera Navigator Optimizer, alongside the production release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.8. Navigator Optimizer is now an entrenched part of Cloudera's platform.

Workload management is an issue for many Hadoop-focused organizations. Within any business, there can be countless workloads being run at any given time, across multiple systems, that change based on time of day and business need. Across many of these workloads, similar pain points have emerged, like breakdowns in ETL pipelines, long wait times for BI reports, increasing system pressure from ad hoc queries, and unnecessary query complexity. When adopting new systems based on Hadoop, it’s critical that customers understand their workloads, so they can address these inefficiencies and run the right workloads in the right systems for the best results. 

“Across our customers, adopting Cloudera Enterprise as a Hadoop-based analytic database is one of the most popular use cases. Cloudera’s platform - leveraging best-of-breed technologies such as Hive-on-Spark and Impala - brings new scale, flexibility, and performance to these analytic workloads including ETL, BI, and exploratory analytics,” says Charles Zedlewski, vice president, Products at Cloudera. “To help our customers more effectively get on the path for Hadoop success, we’re excited to provide Cloudera Navigator Optimizer as a unique new tool. It provides the visibility and guidance necessary to help decrease the development costs when offloading to Hadoop and actively optimize these workloads for peak performance.”

The Cloudera announcement adds:

"Hadoop has proven itself as a strong complement to existing enterprise data warehouses (EDW), able to relieve the pressures of these systems, while enabling new workloads. Additionally, with Impala as the interactive SQL engine, Cloudera’s platform provides a high-performance, scalable alternative to traditional analytic databases - allowing businesses to tap into more value from more data, faster, and with more flexibility. However, effectively offloading key workloads to Hadoop isn’t always easy, especially when organizations have millions of queries generated of varying complexity. Businesses need to be able to identify the most suitable workloads for each system and develop a predictable offload strategy. Cloudera Navigator Optimizer eases the path for offloading the right workloads to Hadoop by analyzing existing SQL jobs and providing the instant insights and risk-assessments necessary to build out a comprehensive strategy and plan for offloading based on risk and development costs.

Once active with Hadoop, Navigator Optimizer provides usage-level visibility into these Hadoop workloads so database administrators can actively manage and recommend data models based on changing needs. Built-in optimization guidance for Apache Hive and Apache Impala (incubating) also enables peak performance for faster data preparation, BI, and exploratory analytics."

 Cloudera Enterprise 5.8 is now available for download and Cloudera Navigator Optimizer is available with the appropriate user license at

If you want to evaluate Navigator Optimizer, watch the demo and register for a webinar.