Cloverleaf to Become openSUSE Add-on

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 28, 2013

Not long ago the Fuduntu team announced the end of their popular Fedora-based distribution due to developmental issues and later decided to offer an openSUSE based one. But yesterday, Shawn W. Dunn announced that distro would never see the light of day.

In an announcement on the Cloverleaf Website Dunn said due to manpower shortages, the openSUSE-based distribution would not be possible. As an alternative, the guys will maintain an addon repository for their "kernel, Mesa, Wine, Netflix-desktop and/or Pipelight, KlyDE, and Consort, targeting openSUSE:12.3 and openSUSE:Factory. Our repositories on OBS are not going anywhere, and may be added to any installation of openSUSE:12.3 or openSUSE:Factory."

As Dunn explains:

Cloverleaf is becoming an Addon/Addin for openSUSE. We are not becoming a “Respin” and we are no longer going to be targeting Cloverleaf to be an independent Linux Distribution based on openSUSE. To use our packages, you will install openSUSE then add our repositories to your openSUSE install.

For users who wish to add 12.3 repositories to their system can follow the instructions at Dunn's latest blog post. He warns it does not work with Tumbleweed and at least one commenter had issues when trying it.  But no other reports are publicly available.