Community Leadership Summit: Days Away in San Jose

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 09, 2009

As Kristin covered in April, the upcoming OSCON conference will be immediately preceded by an "unconference" called the Community Leadership Summit, to take place July 18th and 19th in San Jose, California. The event is free for anyone to attend, although if you're planning to attend you should pre-register. There are some scheduled presentations, panel discussions, and social gatherings planned, but much of the event will consist of free-form discussion on what it takes to build a thriving, productive community around an open source project. More details are emerging on the participants, and it looks like a solid event.

The number of participants in the Community Leadership Summit has been steadily increasing, and you can see some of the companies and organizations participating here. They include people representing GNOME, Fedora, Canonical, Sun Microsystems, openSUSE, The Linux Foundation, Collabnet, O'Reilly, Nokia and Mozilla, among others. Topics to be discussed include governance, creating collaborative environments, conflict resolution, transparency, open infrastructure, social networking, commercial investment in community, engineering vs. marketing approaches to community leadership, and others.

You can find a list of the many members of Mozilla's community attending here, including QA engineers and developers. If you're in the San Jose area on the 18th and 19th, this is a free event that sounds worth checking out.

We also covered the schedule, speakers, and pricing for OSCON here, which will run from July 20th to July 24th in San Jose. There will be speakers from Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and more companies and organizations.