Container News Rolls in from DockerCon EU

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 18, 2015

DockerCon Europe is continuing this week, and there is a lot of news coming out of the gathering. As we covered previously, Docker, which has driven the trend toward running application code in containers instead of widely used virtual machines, has announced new tools that can help companies work with containers without getting rid of existing infrastructure. The Docker Universal Control Plane tool can run in data centers, and can also be useful in public cloud environments.

Other announcements include Project Nautilus, the new image scanning and vulnerability detection service for Official Repos on Docker Hub; and upgrades to Docker Hub Auto Build service to how to use these together with Tutum for an end-to-end Containers as a Service platform. These are all available in the cloud today

For companies that need on-premise control of their own infrastructure Docker has a new release of Docker Trusted Registry that integrates Docker Content Trust, for image signing, integrity and authenticity. "Our goal is to enable both developers and operations teams to develop, deploy, and manage dockerized applications in production," the company announced. "This solution along with Docker Trusted Registry, enables customers to build their own Containers as a Service platform to deliver secure and manageable content on a programmable infrastructure to developers through a self-service experience."

According to a message on Universal Control Pane in a Docker post:

 "We knew we had to support the Docker API from top to bottom. That meant the Universal Control Plane would not only support the entire Docker Toolbox but also the tools from the Docker ecosystem partners using the Docker API like monitoring partners, volume and network plugins and much more. This seems obvious to do, but so many tools think of dev and ops in silos instead of being part of the same workflow. We don’t believe in building tools for silos hence we took a developer-friendly interface and put it at the heart of a robust operations-focused, management platform."

"Sign up for the beta and give us feedback on Docker Universal Control Plane! We look forward to hearing from you, so we can make it the solution you need as a developer or IT operations."

 Developers can deploy applications in containers with Docker's toolset, and staff in the data center can use it to determine which data center infrastructure is used.

 Finally, if you want the full roster of news, you can watch a video of the General Session at DockerCon, found here