Create Tour Widgets For Your Web Site With Amberjack

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 26, 2009

If you've got a great Web site and want to give visitors a nudge about which parts they shouldn't miss, have a look at Amberjack. It's a handy open source widget that acts as a tour guide for your site.

There's no need to spend hours creating screencasts or hassling with screenshots, just open the wizard and add the URLs of the pages you want highlighted. Amberjack generates HTML code you can drop right into your site.

There are six tweakable skins to choose from (including Tux on a black background), but if you're a CSS whiz, you can create your own.

Amberjack's tour creation wizard offers several customization options, including widget behavior and the ability to caption the user interface buttons.

Amberjack is a JavaScript library and licensed under the LGPL.