Damn Small Linux Returns, Hints at Modernization

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 07, 2012

Damn Small Linux was one of my favorite distributions... back in 2005. I stopped following it closely when it's hardware support became too outdated for my everyday machine. But they're back with hints of a more modern version to come.

Developers decided years ago that they would stay with the 2.4 kernel and service older hardware. Just tonight for this quick look, I had to rummage through old dusty boxes to find a PS/2 mouse. That was after having to locate a machine that still had an IDE CDROM drive. In fact, development appeared to stop back then to the outside world. This release candidate, announced Saturday, comes fours years after their last release, 4.4.10, which was released in November 2011. John Andrews wrote 4.4.11 is an update to 4.4.10 - but continued by saying "I see this version of DSL (what will probably be called "classic" eventually)..." This hints that a more modern Damn Small might be to come. To me this is really the headline of the story. One can only speculate how modern, but perhaps we can hope for another competitor to antiX, Puppy, and Bodhi.

Andrews wrote in the announcement, "I've fixed some bugs, updated some applications, and replaced others."


Updated JWM to v2.1.0 (now supports rounding)
Updated Dillo to 3.0.2 (much improves CSS support)
Added xChat 1.8.9 (the last version that supported gtk1.2)
Added sic 1.1 IRC client
Added XCalc-color

Some other tidbits include:

* It is now possible to switch between JWM & Fluxbox without shutting down X
* Added menu items to switch between DFM & xtdesk icon engines
* Added menu items for backgrounds and theme fetch & display
* Coordinated default JWM & Fluxbox themes

Download Damn Small Linux 4.11 Release Candidate 1.