DebConf15, LibreOffice 5, and Linux Rules Web

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 06, 2015

Today in Linux news, the Debian Project today announced DebConf15, "the largest DebConf so far." This sixteenth Debian conference will take place for the first time in Germany, so folks are excited about that. Elsewhere, Netcraft posted that Linux continues to be the most used OS to run the top Websites around the Globe and the Hectic Geek reviewed the recently released Korora 22 saying it "works right out of the box."

Debian today announced the 16th annual Debian developers conference to be held in Heidelberg, Germany from August 15 to August 22, 2015. The announcement said that 550 participates are expected and those hail from 53 different countries. This will make DebConf15 the largest ever and just so happens to coincide with Debian's twenty-second birthday (which will be celebrated with a concert from bellsparx).

The conference will begin with "Open Weekend" which is open to the public to inform attendees of Debian, the distro, and its people. It's open to the public and free of charge, but registration was required.  Event organizers said today interest was so high this year, registration has been closed early.

Some of the speakers scheduled include:

* Bradley M. Kuhn, President Software Freedom Conservancy
* Werner Koch, creator of GnuPG
* Bdale Garbee, Linux developer at HP and former Debian project lead
* Peter Eckersly from the Electronic Frontier Foundation
* John Sullivan from the Free Software Foundation
* Jon "maddog" Hall, Executive Director of Linux International

The presentations will include talks on Cloud friendly Debian and OpenStack, various derivatives, embedded Debian and systems, Philosophy of Free Software, Debian's publicity work, Debian backup solutions, systemd troubleshooting and repair, and Debian success stories.  Presentations are expected to be in English.

Besides the presentations, a job fair is planned for Saturday, August 15 followed by the birthday concert. The highlight of Monday is the Cheese and wine party. Attendees will take a day trip Wednesday to an undisclosed location and will be treated to a night of poetry upon returning. Thursday evening brings the conference dinner. The conference will officially be concluded by 10:00 A.M. Sunday.

Expect lots of news coming out of that conference.

LibreOffice 5.0 was released today as our Sam Dean today reported. This release "sports a significantly improved user interface, with a better management of the screen space and a cleaner look." Under the hood, things are leaner, meaner, and cleaner than ever.

The underpinning code is so lean and mean these days it hardly registers any defects at all. 120 specific code errors were fixed in recent months and the last Coverity scan registered nearly zero defects. Under the philosophy of continuous improvement issues are fixed as nearly the same rate as detected thus maintaining an almost zero error rate. Import/export crashes are down to nearly zero as well. Michael Meeks said today that "many hundreds lines of duplicate code" and "a couple of thousand lines of redundant wrappers" were removed from the base code.

In other news:

* Linux smartwatch offers luxury stylings and a novel interface

* Netcraft: Linux is once again the most common choice of Operating System

* Korora 22 Review: Works Right Out Of the Box w/ Lots of Apps