Debian 7.2 Update Released

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 14, 2013

Debian 7.2, an update to the "Wheezy" branch, was released over the weekend fixing quite a few issues. As usual, The Debian Project encourages users to update through the package managers. Images are available for new installs.

This latest release is dated October 12 and available in its usual wide array of architectures. The kernel received updates to 3.2.51 and several adjustments. GNOME 3.4 got a few improvements, GRUB 2 was fixed to boot certain versions of FreeBSD, and lots lots more. Many other security updates were provided as well. See the release announcement for a more complete list of updates. The mirror list is available for those wishing a fresh install.

In other Debian news, Bits from the Release Team announced Sunday the official freeze of Jessie will be November 5, 2014. Some changes to the freeze policy were then discussed before listing some of the proposed release goals. These include:

* Native systemd support in every package with sysv scripts
* Hardening of ELF binaries (carry over from Wheezy)
* debian/rules to honor CC/CXX flags
* clang as secondary compiler
* piuparts clean archive
* Cross Toolchains in the archive
* Make the base system cross-buildable
* SELinux
* UTF-8