Debian Jessie Updated and #!++ Added to DB

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 09, 2015

The Debian project announced the release of Debian 8.1, and update to 8.0 line released in April. Updated Jessie 8.1 brings over 100 bug fixes and security updates. Elsewhere, CrunchBang Plus Plus, founded in February, was added to the waiting list this week and the Free Software Foundation added a deprecated software license to its license list as compatible with the GPL.

Debian 8.1 was released over the weekend bringing over 100 bug and security fixes to users. Some of the more interesting fixes include an update to BlackBox 0.70.1 to fix a window focus issue and MATE Desktop 1.8.1 to fix error messages. The Debian installer was updated for support for SheevaPlug and GuruPlug. GNOME Shell was updated to newer upstream release 3.14.4 that addressed NVIDIA driver issues. The kernel was updated to 3.16.7-ctk11 which included fixes to that ext4 data corruption bug among others. LibreOffice was updated to 4.3.3-2 to address a security concern in HWP document filters and new QEMU 2.1 also fixed several security issues. As per usual, current users are asked to update via Aptitude (or APT), but for new installations, media can be found here.

CrunchBang Plus Plus was added to's waiting list this week as noted in today's Distrowatch Weekly. CrunchBang++ was founded in February when original Crunchbang was discontinued. #!++ is currently based on Debian 8.0, features the OpenBox window manager, and supports EFI. Downloads are available via torrent.

In a spattering of other little tidbits, Jesse Smith today reviewed Fedora 22 KDE. The Mageia project reported a short downtime in some servers Sunday calling it the latest chapter in "the famous release syndrome," implying Mageia 5 is coming soon. And finally, the Free Software Foundation said today that they've added the deprecated Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer (HPND) to their list of software licenses in the GPL compatible section. They said there are still some projects using the permissive open source license.