Dell Does Linux, Yesterday and Today

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 17, 2010

As time flies by, even though Linux isn't a raging phenomenon on the desktop, it is nevertheless interesting to watch Dell's unflinching support for it. The company has adamantly challenged charges from makers of Windows netbooks who claim that return rates on Linux netbooks are high, and it has continued to offer Ubuntu on its systems, support for which Canonical should be thankful. This week, there are even more signs that Dell--the number two PC manufacturer behind HP-- remains a loyal friend of Linux.

As Network World notes, Dell says that Ubuntu is safer than Windows from a security standpoint, a fact which few users of Ubuntu would doubt. Hackers congregate around Windows becuase of the critical mass of users that it has. Check out Dell's own Ubuntu page for more evidence of its support for the OS. It clearly notes the following:

"The vast majority of viruses and spyware written by hackers are not designed to target and attack Linux."

As noted by The Register, it also looks like Dell will join Acer and HP in offering netbooks based on Google's Chrome OS this fall. Remember that Chrome OS is Linux-based. In fact, the Canonical team helped with its development. The Register spotted some language on Google Code that suggests that Dell will support the OS.

Dell, of course, has a long history of partnership with Microsoft surrounding Microsoft Windows. But why does it have to be a one-trick pony? On a continuing basis, Dell is setting an example with its support for Linux.