Developers: How You Can Help Open Source and You

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 23, 2008

OStatic is sending out a call-to-arms for open source developers. Our goal is to encourage developers to sign up here and showcase open source expertise--with benefits for both them and the open source movement. By signing up at OStatic, filling out a profile for yourself (including your skills), providing reviews for projects, adding resources and information to OStatic's wiki-style project pages, and listing alternatives to projects, you can build your reputation. But don't worry, we will never share your e-mail address or personal information. In keeping with this effort, OStatic is working with oDesk.

OStatic is proud to announce a new relationship with oDesk, a global staffing marketplace and management platform that hooks application developers and remote workers up with job providers. Are you an open source developer or do you have your eyes on being one? If so, this relationship can benefit you. On Wednesday of this week, oDesk will be including OStatic information in its newsletter, including calls to tens of thousands of people in its network--developers. buyers, and remote workers--to participate here at OStatic.

If you're interested in more on oDesk, our sister blog WebWorkerDaily has done a good piece on their services. ODesk has 67,500+ tested and rated professionals on their network, and has serviced over 73,000 job requests. Over $27.5M worth of business has already been transacted on oDesk thus far. We're excited to give you a chance to showcase your skills on OStatic.


OStatic Team