Dimdim Delivers Version 4.0 if its Conferencing App

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 06, 2008

Dimdim, the open source web conferencing application that we've liked and written about is out in a new version 4.0. Dimdim is widely regarded for its ability to host online meetings including up to 20 people--for free. The new version adds many new features including letting you record your meetings and share playback URLs. If you have an existing Dimdim account, you'll be automatically upgraded. Here's more on what you get in the new version.

  •  Dimdim now allows for multiple presenters. A single click lets you allow any other meeting attendee to share his or her presentation, whiteboard, webcam stream, or other attendees can share their desktops.
  • Mac desktop sharing was a highly requested new feature, and it is in place now. Mac users can share their desktops via a browser and show presentations.
  • Free teleconferencing accounts have been around in non-open source conferencing applications for a while. Dimdim now allows for free teleconferencing or you can use the free VoIP microphone sharing features.
  • You can now set private meetings, where only people who have a key can participate.
  • In recording meetings, you can send someone else a link to your recording and they can click to play it. Alternatively, you can embed the recordings in your site or blog, as is frequently done with YouTube videos.

Dimdim is still available in free, pro and enterprise versions, with the pro version costing $99 a year and the enterprise version costing $1,998. However, users of the free version will be happy to hear that the new features are available to them. While there are a few tinier features not available in the free version that are in the paid versions, the main difference between them is that the paid versions allow for more meeting participants (100 and 1,000 respectively).