Distro Hopping, Ubuntu's #1, and Open Source Death

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 06, 2014

Today in Linux news, Softpedia is reporting that Ubuntu is the fasting growing operating system in India. Tarus Balog says it seems like "the ideal of open source software" is dead. Linux.com has the top 10 Open Source software titles that rock the Web and Darkduck.com says Zorin OS has stopped him from "distro hopping."

Ubuntu, once darling of the Linux community, has found fertile ground to reinstate its dominance - India, says Softpedia.com. India is the most receptive country to Ubuntu and "making headway in a major economy might be just the thing that propels the company to new heights." Quoting Prakash Advani in the The Economic Times Softpedia said, "India is the fastest growing market for us with great stickiness and adoption of Ubuntu. It is definitely one of our key focus markets globally."

Tarus Balog attended OSCON 2014 and asked himself, "Is open source dead?" He doesn't mean software in the sense of code, but in the sense of community. He said, "I mean is the ideal of open source software, that people would get together to build collaborative applications that would be given away for free." He says applications have all but disappeared and what seems to be doing well is open libraries and languages that others can use to build proprietary software. Just take a look at the sponsors Balog says. "The only large truly open source company I know of, Red Hat, was there, but in a little bitty booth. Is it because no one cares anymore? This saddens me."

Linux.com is running a story listing the top 10 software titles that run the Internet. Asher ross begins his list with the Linux kernel. He said its significant because it was (one of the) first really large-scale world-wide open collaboration projects. He follows that up with GCC and friends in the number two spot and Ubuntu in number three. See the full article for the rest.

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