Distros, Damned Lies, and Statistics

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 12, 2014

There are lots of stories to report today starting with the top five lies Linux-haters tend to spread. Next up is Gary Newell with the top five easiest modern distributions to use. We've got five tips for Vim users and how to deal with missing ifconfig. Paul Adams' been blogging the story of KDEPIM and Dead Island may be coming to Linux. OpenSource.com and Linux.com are all about education these days and Red Hat released a beta of upcoming RHEL 6.6.

Joel Lee today posted the "5 Lies Linux-Haters Like To Tell." In it he said, "Linux is the Voldemort of computers. You speak its name and everyone cowers in the corner, fearful of the pain and suffering it might bring." But this, Lee contends, is due to all the myths still being repeated. These are a few of his favorites:

* Linux Is Too Difficult
* You Must Use the Command Line
* Linux Can’t Play Video Games

Gary Newell has "the 5 easiest to use modern Linux distributions" for the everyday Linux user. In a follow-up to his last week's which-desktop-for-you post, today Newell said, "Here are the 5 distributions I would turn to if I wanted to use Linux and I didn't want to be too hassled setting things up and they just work." These include:

* Linux Mint
* Zorin OS
* Netrunner

Elementary OS Freya Beta 1 was released yesterday, on its "Lunaversary," and the news was picked up by several outlets. Using Ubuntu 14.04.1 as the base, developers updated key libraries bringing things like client-side window decorations and updated themes. Liliputting.com said the Elementary OS Freya beta was "Ubuntu, but prettier." However, www.omgubuntu.co.uk said you might want to hold off on testing it.

Speaking of beta releases, the Red Hat team today announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Beta. It, when finished, should bring increased performance, enhanced virtual environments, and new administrator tools. RHEL 6.6 is for those admins who are putting off upgrading to RHEL 7, released earlier this year.

In other news:

* KDEPIM (The Story Of The Story So Far)
* KDEPIM, The Whole KDEPIM, Nothing But KDEPIM
* KDE(PIM) Ain’t Dead

* Original Dead Island Zombie Survival FPS Might Get a Linux Release
* Depression Quest Interactive Fiction Game Released On Steam For Free

* ‘Ifconfig’ Command Not Found in CentOS 7 Minimal - Quick Fix
* 5 Vim Tips and Tricks for Experienced Users

* Scholarships Help Increase Access to Linux Education
* Open source education for kids with 4 friendly puppets
* Want a fulfilling IT career? Learn Linux

* Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 378
* How I miss you Synaptic!