Docker Acquires Tutum, Focused on Cloud Services

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 22, 2015

Docker, Inc., the firm behind the red hot open platform for distributed applications, has announced the acquisition of Tutum and its cloud service to deploy and manage Dockerized applications into production on any infrastructure. "By integrating Tutum with Docker Hub, a cloud service for automating development team workflows, Docker provides a complete commercial solution for IT teams to collaboratively build, ship and run production-ready distributed applications," Docker officials noted.

Financial terms of the deal were not announced, but here are more details.

Tutum is a cloud service, and was originally dreamed up as a Docker tool. It gives visibility into containers, discrete programming building blocks that allow for several isolated user-space instances that can run in tandem.

Tutum’s service has been operational since October 2013, and has been used by thousands of organizations both to create their first Dockerized distributed applications and to create sustainable environments for the deployment and management of those applications in production.

The Tutum platform centers on a workflow, backed by a fully-integrated set of operational tooling, which enables development teams to move applications from build to production in minutes. Operations uses the same common framework to change, scale and manage distributed applications across any infrastructure on premise or in the cloud.

“Docker and Tutum share the common goal of building a toolset that inspires developer innovation, while providing operations teams with the ability to run distributed applications anywhere in production,” said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker. “Tutum has already been validated by our user community as the best way to achieve a seamless Docker user experience from the point of initial onboarding to running Dockerized applications in production. Users and customers alike are excited by the intersection of these two companies and the combined tooling that will result from our close collaboration.” 

Tutum has integrated all the technology necessary for both developers and operations to share in the management of their applications, and it is used in DevOps environments.

Amine Mouafik, Chief Technology Officer at Continuous Software, said, “Before using Docker and Tutum, bringing our images into production was a very manual process that required the skills of a full time DevOps. Tutum helped us to reach the last mile when it comes to continuous deployment. Instead of trying to manage sometimes obscure deployment scripts, we now have a clean and intuitive web interface for everybody to deploy our Docker containers. After linking Tutum with our Docker registry and Slack, we have increased our productivity with a solution that never fails us!”