Docker Container or Shipping Container?

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 13, 2015

Docker Containers and microservices are all over the news these days, and startup founder and identity researcher Dick Hardt has an innovative Docker-related project on Kickstarter for a “desktop container computer.” It's as tiny as a couple of USB flash drives, and boasts a “detailed die cast model of a shipping container with functioning doors.”

You can check out a video of the DC2 system here, and here are more details on this "cloud on your desk" concept.

Hardt writes:

"If your Windows or Mac laptop is already overflowing and struggling to run Chrome, loading a VM to run Docker Containers makes everything worse, and remembering which ports are mapped where on which machine is tiresome." 

"Wouldn't it be great to offload running Docker Containers to another computer? One with Docker pre-installed and a fun enclosure to add some interest and excitement to your desk?"

"Introducing the DC2, the Desktop Container Computer. Your own desktop container server preconfigured with Docker."

 Hardt seems very into shipping containers. If you order a DC2, you can select from a variety of common shipping container colors and logos or add your own logo to a plain white version.

DC2 runs Docker on a 64 bit Linux OS so you have binary compatibility deploying your Docker Containers on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google, Rackspace or any other 64 bit Linux Docker host. It has a Dual Core 1.33GHz CPU, and a 60GB USB 3.0 drive.

All software and designs for DC2 are being hosted at so the DC2 community can collaborate with each other.