Docker Survey Shows That Containers and Cloud Deployments Go Together

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 15, 2016

Docker has issued a report based on a survey of more than 500 people currently using and deploying container technology in various stages. The full report, “Evolution of the Modern Software Supply Chain” is available here:

The report sheds light on container technology in general as well as how Docker is fitting in in the ecosystem. Among other findings, the report noted that Docker is central to many hybrid cloud/multi-cloud strategies. In fact 80 percent of respondents using Docker describe it as part of their cloud strategy for a variety of reasons including migration, hybrid cloud portability and avoiding lock-in to a single cloud vendor.

Among other findings the report includes the following:

 Docker offers portability as unique value amongst container management vendors. With respect to the orchestration and management ecosystem, respondents overwhelming reported using Docker Swarm, Google Kubernetes and Amazon EC2 Container Service. Out of the top three, only Docker Swarm is the container orchestrator that is cloud agnostic.

Docker is delivering quantifiable improvements to application delivery processes through improved DevOps practices. Survey respondents were able to qualify and quantify the positive impact of Docker on their app pipeline, including reporting – on average – a 13X increase in frequency of software releases.

Docker is enabling microservice architecture delivery and the modernization of legacy monolithic apps. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Docker is enabling a number of key initiatives through 2016 for respondents. Besides the expected DevOps related cases, planned uses include both new microservice applications and the modernization of existing legacy applications.

The respondents to the survey were reportedly t"echnology professionals covering an array of development and operations focused roles in a variety of industries and company sizes." Docker noted:

47% are Developers, or Development Managers.

56% are from companies with less than 100 employees.

59% are from software companies, with the remainder spread across a broad array of industries.

51% are currently running Docker in production.

To find out more about Docker, you can try a 10 minute online tutorial.