EdX Open Sources Its Super-Influential Online Learning Platform

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 06, 2013

EdX, a non-profit online learning organization with nearly 30 global institutions under the xConsortium participating, has been a leader in the free online education arena for several years. As of June 1, the organization has released the code for its learning platform under an open source license. The goal is to get developers to contribute to a next-generation online learning platform that can be best-of-breed. Given the success that EdX has had with institutions ranging from MIT to U.C. Berkeley to Stanford, this could be a fruitful pursuit.

EdX has open sourced components of its architecture before, but now the organization is seeking contributors for key parts of the platform ranging from its Learning Management System to its course authoring tool.

You can take a look at the many free online courses that Stanford University offers for a sampling of what classes driven by the EdX platform are like.  And, the full group of universities and organizations that back the X Consortium is impressive, found here. A "How It Works" video showing how EdX and the X Consortium work is available as well. 

The EdX platform could get meaningful advancement through open sourcing all of its components. Moodle, after all, has flourished as an open source online learning platform, and is used by thousands of institutions around the world. 

Are you interested in contributing to the EdX platform. You can get details on how to participate here