Enlightenment DR 18 Released

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 24, 2013

That's right, a new release of the lightweight desktop has been announced. E17 was released a year ago, but before that, it'd been 12 years since a major release. Then Saturday, Mike Blumenkrantz announced the release of what they're dubbing DR 0.18.0 and calling "the next major release."

Blumenkrantz wrote that 242 changes and bug fixes had been made to Enlightenment since the release of E17 and according to their git log, 3 more have been made since Saturday. One late fix since 0.18.1 is "infinite printing of SLEEP." Other highlights include:

  • * Compositing merged into core - less buggy, includes Wayland support
  • * Several new desktop modules include music-control, bluez4, and compositor settings config
  • * Internal theme merged into Elementary
  • * Improved UI for desktop settings
  • * Mixer settings dialog is now resizable
  • * Composite settings dialog is now accessible from Settings menu
  • * Window borders now drawn on compositor canvas
  • * udisks2 support
  • * Several key filemanager improvements
  • * Several performance optimization and tweaks
  • * Lots of crashes fixed

See the full announcement for more or download your copy at enlightenment.org. See the full git log here.