Fedora 16 Delayed by Two Weeks Too

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 23, 2011

openSUSE isn't the only one working to overcome the challenges associated with developing a modern but stable operating system. Distinguished Fedora code monkey (I think that's the title he prefers) Adam Williamson recently blogged about the issues delaying release and it appears their hurdles may be a bit higher than openSUSE's.

In his blog post referencing Wednesday's Go/NoGo meeting, Williamson detailed some of the bugs causing another slip in the Fedora 16 release schedule.

The most important blockers:

* 738803 - SELinux denial(s) prevent(s) gnome-shell from starting on F16 Beta RC1. Fixed on September 23 with the submission of selinux-policy-3.10.0-32.fc16.

* 737731 - Bootloader is left in F15 configuration when preupgrading to F16. This is an annoying little bug caused by the migration to GRUB 2. Solutions are being discussed, but no fix has been filed as of yet.

* 738964 - An installer bootloader installation issue under certain advanced options. The cause may have been identified and solutions are being discussed. As of now it hasn't been fixed.

Some of the other blockers identified at the meeting include bug number 737774 which describes an issue when upgrading or trying to install after upgrading system of digikam or kipi-plugins. Fortunately, that bug appears to have been fixed today with the submission of digikam-2.0.0-4.fc16.

Another interesting blocker bug is 739345. With this bug "pylorax throws an exception when used with fedora-logos-16.0.2." Patches have been submitted for this one and are under review.

Blocker bug 739253 is the inability to shut down from GDM Greeter. This was previously believed to "work well enough" and tricky to fix, but it now appears a possible solution has been submitted. Further tests are need to confirm the fix.

The Fedora schedule has slipped by two weeks so far. The first occurred back in August and with the recent NoGo decision the Beta is now scheduled for October 24. The Final is now due on November 8.

See Adam's post for lots more detail on these bugs.

UPDATE: Adam has posted a new Beta release candidate for testing. No, that wasn't a mistake, it is an actual release candidate for the Beta. Go give it a whirl.