Fedora 20 Beta Arrives as Project Turns 10

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 13, 2013

I've been on a bit of a sabbatical, but the folks at Fedora haven't missed a beat. The project announced Fedora 20 "Heisenbug" Beta on November 12 saying, "Fedora 20 features some of the latest and best of what the open source world has to offer." But if that wasn't enough excitement for a Tuesday, the Fedora Project just recently celebrated its tenth birthday.

In the press release "Linux enthusiasts are encouraged to download the beta release of Fedora 20, take it for a test drive and help identify items that may need attention." What's new includes ARM as a primary architecture, thin provisioning, VM Snapshot UI, new commandline network manager features, Sendmail is finally made optional, and syslog has been put out of its misery by systemd logger. Enlightenment 0.18, GNOME 3.10, KDE 4.11, and Sugar 1.0 are among the various desktop choices. Those wishing to test these and the many other new and improved features, downloads are in the usual location. Final appears to be scheduled for release December 10, 2013.

All this comes just days after the official 10 year anniversary of the first release of Fedora and what many peg as the actual beginning. "For 10 years, the Fedora Project has beaten progress's drum for the open source world, delivering the latest features and technologies approximately every six months, thanks to the dedication of a diverse global community of contributors." Included in the press release is a nice video with familiar faces discussing Fedora and many facets of the project.