Fedora 21 NOT Delayed, What Linux Needs, and Civ IV

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 17, 2014

Today in Linux news, Fedora 21 is not delayed says Matthew Miller, newly appointed project lead. Bruce Byfield thinks he knows the seven things the Linux desktops needs to be nearly perfect. Jamie Watson says KaOS is solid and focused. Richard Hughes gives his thoughts on replacing Yum with DNF in Fedora 22. And finally, OMG!Ubuntu! is speculating that Civilization IV is probably heading towards Linux.

Last week we reported that Michael Larabel of Phoronix.com thought Fedora 21 may be delayed due to a bug called a "release blocker" by developer Stephen Gallagher. Well, today newly promoted Matthew Miller wrote without any equivocation that "Fedora 21 is not delayed." He then wrote they are "not currently planning" a delay beyond the scheduled October 14 release date.

Speaking of Fedora and Matthew Miller, it seems Miller started a bit of discussion last week when he asked if Yum should be replaced by DNF in next year's Fedora 22. Well, a big thread grew and today Richard Hughes blogged his thoughts. Some suggested renaming DNF to Yum so that users might not be so confused, but others think this is not a good idea. Put Hughsie in that latter column. He said it would send the wrong message and diminish DNF. Others cite nostalgia while others point out that DNF was supposed to be temporary in name and command to prevent conflicts with Yum. Opinions are piling up, and we'll keep you updated.

Bruce Byfield at Datamation.com today shared his list of "7 improvements that would benefit the Linux desktop." One of his petpeeves seems to be menus. He neither likes those tablet interface menus like in GNOME and Unity nor the more traditional as in KDE, LXDE, or Xfce. Another missing element for Byfield is a "reasonably priced software for editing videos." He also speaks of Icon Fences and color-coded title bars, so see that full post for more.

OMG!Ubuntu! is saying that Sid Meier's Civilization IV may also be heading to Linux desktops soon. There are no guarantees, but some hints are emerging. They say, "An entry for Civilization IV that lists Linux as a 'supported system' recently appeared in the Steam database."

And finally today, KaOS Linux: Hands-on with this solid and focused distribution, A free photo editor worth trying: Getting started with GIMP, and The Linux Setup - Tom Callaway, Red Hat.