Fedora 22 Coming Next Tuesday and Converting Users

by Ostatic Staff - May. 23, 2015

At the Fedora release Go/No-Go meeting last night it was determined that three bugs were serious enough to violate the release readiness criteria. As a result, the Final was blocked and a second Go/No-Go was scheduled for today. The results of that meeting are in!  Elsewhere, Jack Germain said, "Simplicity Linux is easy to use and runs fast" and Swapnil Bhartiya shared his secret to converting users to Linux.

Fedora 22 will be released this coming Tuesday morning, May 26, to the general public. The Final Go decision was delayed by a day due to three blocker bugs. Two were fixed before I could type the news up and the other was fixed soon after. So a special Go/No-Go meeting was scheduled for tonight. Two new bugs were discussed in tonight's mini-review. One involved Anaconda miscalculating the minimal partition size causing a hard reboot during install. This isn't fixed and won't be before release although it does violate the release criteria technically. However, since very few people will actually encounter the bug, the release teams decided an errata and setting as a blocker for F23 would suffice. The other, also in Anaconda, is a crash when setting up RAID array. It seemed to involve those who created arrays, deleted them, and remade some. Again, while technically a blocker, it wasn't classified as such for F22 because the teams felt it wasn't severe enough to hold up the release. As a result, "Fedora 22 Final status is Go." Matthew Miller said, "Expect the official announcement around 10am US Eastern time Tuesday morning."

Converting users to Linux was a shared goal a while back, but Swapnil Bhartiya never gave up the fight. He said he's found the best way to convert new users is to move them over slowly. Start with popular Linux applications available for Windows and let them get used to the software first. Once they get used to the software, the next step isn't as insurmountable as it might have been.  Bhartiya said his guinea pig was "fluent in Linux" within a week.

In other news, Jack Germain wrote Simplicity Linux 15.4 makes running Linux "easy-peasy." Microsoft allegedly threatened the British government over their consideration of Open Source. Red Hat is giving employees free bus passes to help keep traffic down in Raleigh during heavy construction and Atilla Orosz authored an overview of Ubuntu Snappy.