Fedora 23 Working, Gift Ideas, and Friendly Linux

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 18, 2015

Today in Linux news, OpenSource.com has some gift ideas for the Open Source enthusiast. The Register said today that Debian founder, Ian Murdock accepted a position at Docker. InsiderMonkey posted their list of five "beginner friendly Linux distributions" and I bet you can guess most of them. Scott Gilbertson said Fedora 23 is "workin' it like Monday morning" and Jack Germain wrote that Ubuntu Studio is a "treasure trove for creative types."

InsiderMonkey recently said, "If you happen to have finally awakened from the slumber that kept you from switching over to the Linux side, even just to dip your toes in it, then this list of the 5 most beginner friendly Linux distributions is where you should start on your long path to enlightenment." They listed Ubuntu and four of its derivatives: Elementary, Deepin, Zorin, and Mint. The same writer posted "20 Popular Open Source Alternatives to Expensive Software" for your consideration too.

Scott Gilbertson said nothing but good about the latest Fedora release. He began, "The installation experience in Fedora 23 is hard to beat." He liked GNOME 3.18 and its Wayland support, new firmware updates, and Xdg-app. He also said, "The new Google Drive integration is quite nice." After mentioning some new server features he returned back to the desktop. Gilbertson said DNF's awesome "new power" of updates "is very simple, just a couple of commands" and likes the offline system update support too.

Red Hat's OpenSource.com has "14 amazing open source gifts for the holidays" this season. These include things like the $1350 Lulzbot Mini 3D printer and $1000 CNC X-Carve router. But they also found things like a $24 cookbook for geeks and an $85 Raspberry Pi starter kit. Check out all the suggestions at OpenSource.com.

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