Fedora 24 Alpha a GO, DebConf16 Planning

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 25, 2016

Fedora 24 is back on schedule with the decision to release Fedora 24 Alpha, postponed last week because of blocker bugs. Jan Kurik, Platform and Program Manager, said Wednesday the blockers were fixed and "Fedora 24 Alpha release is considered as GOLD." Elsewhere, the Debian project put out the call for event proposals for upcoming DebConf16 in South Africa this July.

The first glimpse of Fedora 24 will come on March 29 with the release of the Alpha. Wednesday's Go/No-Go meeting ended in agreement that last week's blocker bugs were fixed and none remained. At the end of that meeting Kurik said, "Fedora 24 Alpha release is considered as GOLD and we are ready to ship it." Barring any further delays the Beta is scheduled for May 3 with the Final planned for June 7, 2016.

Fedora 24 will bring several exciting changes. LiveUSBCreator will be the new default download offered because Fedora figures USB sticks are the most common method to install these days. Glibc is to be or already has been switched to 2.23 and newly released GNOME 3.20 will be the default desktop. The switch to GCC 6 has already happened for version 24 and Python is to be/has been upgraded to 3.5. Systemd will be split into two subpackages, one for "container stuff" and the other for real hardware.

Allison Randal posted to Bits from Debian today DebConf16 planning is underway. Randal put out the call for event proposals. Events can be presentations, informal sessions, tutorials, performances, art installations, debates, or anything useful and lasting any where from 20 to 45 minutes. This year's DebConf will take place in Cape Town, South Africa beginning July 2, 2016 and running through July 9, 2016. Registration is also open for those wishing to attend. Topics can include Packaging, Security, Administration, Containers, Success Stories, Derivatives, and Embedded Debian.

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