Fedora 24 Beta a GO, LibreOffice 5.0.6, No PPAs on Bodhi

by Ostatic Staff - May. 06, 2016

Jan Kurik announced the status of Fedora 24 Beta today, after being delayed last week due to wrong identification. In other news, The Document Foundation today announced the release of LibreOffice 5.0.6 with nearly 100 bug fixes. Jeff Hoogland addressed the PPA problem with Bodhi Linux and Dice said the future is bright for those seeking Open Source jobs.

Fedora 24 Beta will be released May 10 as rescheduled. It was decided at this evening's second Beta Go/No-Go meeting that latest compose is GOLD. A few proposed blockers were discussed and some images were missing, but none were considered blockers for the release. The release schedule has been updated to reflect the latest delays now indicating Final Freeze on May 31 and Final release on June 14.

LibreOffice 5.0.6 was announced today by Italo Vignoli for The Document Foundation. This is the sixth update to the "still" branch of LibreOffice, long stable suitable for large deployments and conservative users. Downloads are at the usual location. Some of the more interesting bugs fixed this release include one with CUPS where LibreOffice would send as many jobs to the print queue as copies were requested. Another fixed printing bug resulted in incorrect collating of copies (it collated despite being unchecked). Other fixes include:

* Very slow previewing of (or blank, invisible..) master pages in Impress
* Crash in Slideshow when scrolling
* Cannot move object by dragging its anchor icon
* Frame and image alignment buttons not using correct tooltips
* Transparency lost when exporting to GIF, PNG, or EPS
* Manual recalculations in Calc weren't recalculating
* CRASH after deleting photo album caption box
* Changing the paragraph style removes index entries
* TextBox: draw shape and its textbox is out of sync
* Changes Occur even When Canceled

Jeff Hoogland wrote recently that folks keep asking why Ubuntu PPA are highly discouraged for use on Bodhi Linux, even though it's based on Ubuntu. Hoogland said it boils down to security. Canonical doesn't check community packaged software and Hoogland is afraid one day malicious code will make its way onto Ubuntu repositories and users' computers. He said PPAs are more dangerous than installing software on Windows. Hoogland then added that besides that, PPAs can conflict with other PPAs as well as possibly not working properly on derivative works. He's opened a discussion on this.

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