Fedora 24 Delayed, Linus the Tops, New openSUSE Team

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 29, 2016

Fedora Program Manager Jan Kuřík today announced a delay in Fedora 24, both the upcoming Beta and Final. Elsewhere openSUSE announced a new community release team, a group of volunteers to help with the release tasks. Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman both appeared on a "top 10 programmers of all time" list and a Windows 10 upgrade screen has gone viral.

Fedora 24 Beta and Final release dates have officially slipped by a week again, this is the third time. Seems the Beta live image had Alpha in its name and that's a big fat NO-GO in the release criteria. The bug was already found and fixed but it was decided in Thursday's Go/No-Go meeting to delay the releases. The team will reassemble again next week to try again. At best, that puts the Beta arriving on May 10 and the Final on June 14, but we'll find out more next week.

openSUSE's Douglas DeMaio posted today of efforts to enlist the help of community members to get Leap 42.2 out the door. The group of volunteers will be dubbed the openSUSE Community Release Team. Formerly paid employees did things like test developmental releases, write documentation and press releases, and post screenshots but now they want community members to chip in and help. Those interested in joining should read Tomas Chvatal's post to see the kinds of jobs and tasks involved.

Linus Torvalds has made it onto another top 10 list, this one for the top programmers of all time at TechWorm.net. He's listed third behind Dennis Ritchie who created C and Unix and Tim Beners-Lee who is credited with inventing the Internet as we know it. Richard Stallman, featured today in an interview at siliconANGLE, was also included in the number five spot.

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