Fedora 25 Alpha Released with Wayland Default

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 31, 2016

Fedora 25 Alpha was released today officially starting the user testing season. Despite Michael Catanzaro's warning that Wayland may not be default in Fedora 25, it is default in Fedora 25 Alpha Workstation GNOME. It's too early for user reports, but my boot of the live image proved adequate, if slow, for daily computing chores. Play is another subject entirely. Xorg is available for those preferring the tried and true or who have unsupported hardware.

In the announcement today Dennis Gilmore said, "The Alpha release contains all the features of Fedora 25's editions in a form that anyone can help test." Some of the other features this release include Unicode 9.0 & Emoji Typing support, systemd to kill all user processes when logging out, replace UDisks2 with Storaged, improved switchable graphics, and automatic language detection by input. Glibc has been upgraded to 2.24, Perl to 5.24, Ruby on Rails 5.0, PHP 7.0, LibreOffice, GNOME 3.21.4, GCC 6.1.1, and Linux 4.8.0.

Fedora 25 Alpha Workstation GNOME w/ Wayland

Some of the known issues include fails to boot when dual booting Windows with UEFI, Windows entry missing in GRUB RAID UEFI systems, loss of all data when shrinking partitions and installing on some OS X, and installing KDE version installs Cinnamon too. If upgrading beware DNF might uninstall important packages if installed with PackageKit, system update might corrupt screen, and KDE Live might not boot into a graphical interface. Hibernation doesn't work with a standard install and other UEFI distributions may not boot from Fedora's GRUB.

If things proceed as planned the Beta should be released October 11 and the Final is expected November 15. Get your Workstation download here or see the announcement for other versions and spins.

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