Fedora and CentOS Updates, Linux for Security, and Top Seven

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 17, 2014

Today was another interesting day in the newfeeds, so much so I can't pick just one. There were several headlines focusing on Fedora or CentOS today. Linux.com has posted a top seven distro list for 2014 and Jack Wallen says CESG recommends Linux for security. That's not all either.

First up today, Jack Wallen over at TechRepublic.com published an article discussing the results of the United Kingdom's Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) operating system security tests. The tests consisted of 12 categories of security focus such as Disk Encryption, Authentication, and Platform Integrity and Sandboxing. As if there was any question, Linux proved the most secure of all the desktop and mobile systems tested. So, be sure to check out Wallen's article for more detail and relevant links.


In other news, Libby Clark at Linux.com has spoken to the lead of CentOS on their new collaboration with Red Hat and Fedora. Clark quoted project lead Karanbir Singh saying, "Red Hat will bring resources and structure to the project. And in return, CentOS will provide a stable testing ground for new technologies – for RHEL and many other projects as well."

Speaking of Fedora, Chris Clay at ZDNet.com is leaving Fedora for CentOS on his desktop due to a issues that piled up like the proverbial load of straw. He first cited GNOME 3, but also expressed concern over the six-month release cycle and problems he's had upgrading. However, Jamie Duncun recently blogged on why he's still with Fedora after all these years. He says he trusts the community stability and openness and the distro is easy and edgy.


A couple of days ago Carla Schroder posted her top seven best Linux distributions for 2014. Picking Bodhi Linux as the most beautiful was an easy decision Carla said but suggests one use Xubuntu on the desktop "to get your work done and not fight your computer." She picks both SUSE and Red Hat for best for the enterprise saying she can't pick just one "because they're both rock-solid, they're excellent community members, and they have similar product lines."


GnuCash 2.4.15 was released the other day and Jack Germain has taken the software for a test drive over at LinuxInsider.com. The KDE team today released the "January Updates to Applications and Platform 4.12." The Linux Foundation recently teamed up with the Apache foundation to co-sponsor ApacheCon this year. And last but not least, Dodoimedo.com posted an "essential openSUSE pimping guide" the other day.