Fedora and Korora 19s Released Today

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 02, 2013

It's been another exciting Tuesday in the Open Source world. Fedora dominated headlines today with the release of version 19. Hot on their heals is the Korora Project with their version 19. With such bounty, how can one choose?

The Big News Today

It was a relatively slow news day today, speaking in terms of usual volume, but the release of Fedora 19 topped the list. Little has changed since our last coverage and, in fact, the KDE live images haven't been updated. This release features the latest in popular desktops, fresh kernel, updated software, and new goodies as well. See the full Release Notes at fedoraproject.org and get your copy here.

Hot on Their Heals

Right after news of Fedora 19 began circulating, Chris Smart announced the release of Korora 19, a desktop Linux based on Fedora. I don't believe Korora/Kororaa was ever released in unison with Fedora and rarely immediately after, so this is a bit of an accomplishment. The only problem is the news gets lost in shuffle of Fedora headlines. Nevertheless, Korora 19 was released today too.

It shipped with similar software and version as Fedora. So, why use Korora if it's so much like like Fedora you ask? Smart calls them extras and they include things like:

Third party repositories (Chrome, RPMFusion, VirtualBox)

Full multimedia support including Adobe Flash plugin

Jockey device manager to handle drivers such as ATI and NVIDIA

Firefox as the default web browser (with integration theme for KDE)

  Firefox extensions enabled (Adblock Plus, DownThemAll, Flashblock, Xclear)

  VLC as the default media player

  and more..
Get yours here.