Fedora Running Beefy Contest

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 14, 2012

Máirín Duffy, head art team designer for Fedora, posted a strange message Friday afternoon. She's seen a vision of the future and it was of Fedora mascot Beefy Miracle holding some sort of futuristic ray gun at a poor radioactive panda. What could this mean for the popular Linux distribution?

That's what Duffy and her team would like to know. And if you can't interpret visions, then just make something up. That's right. It's a contest and the best story wins.

The writer of the best story wins:

* You'll get to name the panda
* Your story will be illustrated and used in a Fedora webapp's error message pages
* You will receive a LIMITED EDITION, ONE-OF-A-KIND, direct-to-garment printed Beefy Miracle and radioactive panda T-shirt

You can only enter on Duffy's blog in the comments of her announcement. There's already a novelette and a plot summary submitted. I don't see an time limit mentioned, but it feels like you better hurry up and get on over there.