Fedora's DNF May Have App Store

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 06, 2013

Following Rahul Sundaram's recent update on DNF, the new Fedora software manager, comes Richard Hughes and his bullet points on the subject. A lot of brains were stormed in the making of this list and it appears that "users" are first in mind.

Hughes' blog post read like a Christmas list as he began trying to identify all the pieces needed for this particular puzzle. But from it we can perhaps decipher what users might have in store in the near future. The biggest news is that Hughes envisions a "centralized application store" with metadata servers and local front-ends much like some other distros.

This will allow users to:

* Rate applications, see other's ratings
* Post and view screenshots
* Search for software while installing/removing
* Read detailed package information
* Install meta-packages

Hughes continued by bullet-pointing out how many different elements were needed to accomplish such a large task. Then they'll have the added complication of trying to keep YUM, rpm, and DNF from conflicting and keeping old repos still working while bringing the new format online. This will certainly be an exciting developmental cycle for Fedora 19. Catch his post for more detail.