Fedora's Step-child, KDE Interviews, Debian Auto-Update

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 24, 2016

Today in Linux news Debian is considering automatic updates on upcoming releases. Debian isn't the only distro considering the move as security concerns increase. Elsewhere, Dedoimedo interviewed KDE developers Sebastian Kugler and Bhushan Shah who said KDE Plasma is moving in the right direction. Shawn Starr said he's tired of KDE being treated like a red-headed stepchild over there at Fedora and Christian Cawley suggested five distros to try in a virtual machine.

Distro makers speak of automatic updates from time to time but usually end-up taking the more reserved path. Phoronix.com's Michael Larabel today reported on Antoine Beaupré's latest discussion of the prospect on Debian. He said that option is already available and Debian will probably turn it on by default in cloud installs. Larabel quoted Beaupré saying that the thought on regular installs right now is to activate it by default and ask the user during the install if they'd like to disable it. It was dismissed in the past due to failed or missed updates, but it's supposed to be working better these days.

Christian Cawley said today that some distros are better suited for running in a virtual environment than others and offered his suggestions of the best. First, Cawley said VirtualBox was the easiest virtual machine. His suggestions include Linux Mint, Lubuntu, Fedora, and, (drum roll) Slackware. But I don't want to give it all away, see that full post for more.

Shawn Starr is trying to kick the conversation of elevated status for spin variations into the spotlight by posting his concerns to the KDE blog that was picked up by Fedora Planet. He said, "Fedora is about freedom but as part of that freedom Fedora users being able to select the flavor of Fedora they want to use. We can do better to embrace more people into the Fedora family by improving the visibility of other Fedora projects within the Fedora family." Two issues raised involve the placement and appearance of download icons and links on the Get Fedora Website for the spins like KDE. Fedora's stance is that Get Fedora is actually for official releases and listing spins there at all is a courtesy. They at least need to be differentiated from the official editions. The discussion is ongoing.

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