Firefox 21 Arrives, Featuring Health Reports, More Social Features

by Ostatic Staff - May. 15, 2013

Version 21 of Mozilla's Firefox browser is out for Windows, the Mac, Linux and Android. You can download the standard browser here, and get Firefox for Android here. If you're already a Firefox user, you should be automatically upgraded. There are quite a few enhancements in this version, including additional Do Not Track features, a Health report, social APIs and choices on the desktop and open source fonts for the Android version.

Mozilla has been developing Firefox's Social API for some time now. It's  intended as an invitation to developers to build social tools and services that will work with the browser, and I covered it in-depth hereMozilla has a whole Developer Network page available with complete documentation on the new Social API. In Firefox 21, Mozilla has enhanced the list of partners using the Social API. The additions include Cliqz, Mixi, and MSN Now.

Firefox's Health Report is designed to give details on how your browser is performing and may be welcomed by many users of the browser who have experienced memory usage problems. Do you use the same browser across multiple devices? Have you ever been perplexed at how, say, a particular version of Firefox might offer perfect, fast performance on one computer, but the same version is pokey and prone to crashing on another comparable computer? The Health Report can help you troubleshoot these problems across various instances of Firefox on various devices. You can access the Health Report by typing "about:healthreport" into the Firefox address bar or as a drop-down selection under the the "Firefox > Help" menu.

According to a FAQ Mozilla has put up about the Health Report, it gives users real-time information about browser configuration and status, but will also help Mozilla tune and develop future Firefox versions.

There is a lot to like in the new version of the browser, and yes, there are performance enhancements. The full changelog for version 21 is found here