First Issue of New GIMP Magazine Released

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 07, 2012

GIMP is one of the most important applications for Linux users. It gives them some of the capabilities found in other popular image manipulation programs without the expense. Well, a group of enthusiasts have banded together to produce a new magazine just for GIMP users. GIMP Magazine "features the amazing works created from an enormous community from all over the world estimated at around 8-10 million people."

The GIMP Magazine features "photography, digital arts, tips and tricks, step by step tutorials, master classes, help desk questions, and so much more." The main goal of the new GIMP Magazine is to promote the GIMP. In fact, the Website states:

The goal of this publication is to promote GIMP and related open source software. We also want to promote the art and the photography created by the GIMP community using GIMP & related plug-ins. To accomplish this we want to present the content in a professional, yet "cool" looking publication.

The magazine is intended to appeal to GIMP Users, graphic designers, photographers, digital artists, web designers, developers, GIMP trainers/writers, and the developers of GIMP. And lets not forget trying to appeal to those who might be considering GIMP as their next image package.

The first issue was released Wednesday featuring an interview with Ian Muttoo as well as some of his work and insights. He's a busy photographer who only uses the GIMP and UFRaw for his work. The month's edition also includes a whole section on GIMP resources with clickable links and lots of creative and interesting images. Issue 1 also has a "unique" review of  GIMP 2.8.  Of course, there are howtos and tutorials as well.

Download your copy at

In other news, GIMP 2.8.2 was recently released. This "update brings several dozens of fixes to various issues of all scales."