First Look Unreal Tournament, Tangiers Trailer, and Ubuntu Surface

by Ostatic Staff - May. 29, 2014

Today in Linux news is a first look at the new upcoming Unreal Tournament. A weird crowd-sourcing game has released a trailer and estimated release date. In other news, Ubuntu has proven effective at running the Surface Pro 3 and SUSE Studio boasts over a million users.

EuroGamer might have been the first to spot a new teaser posted on YouTube of the upcoming and highly anticipated first person shooter Unreal Tournament. It's quite basic right now showing a few developers playing with the new Shock Rifle. But it's operative and a manager said the game will be coming soon. You can see the video at or at

Speaking of gaming, The Escapist Magazine posted today of a new trailer for the head-scratching atmospheric first person puzzle adventure Tangiers. Writer Adam Gauntlett describes the game:

It might take its visuals from Early Industrial, but its emergent immersive sim gameplay intends to evoke cherished memories of Thief. Don't take anything for granted, not in a world where one misstep can fundamentally change just about everything.

Go check out The Escapist's full coverage and watch the trailer to get more of a sense of the surreal world that is coming late 2014. No price is mentioned yet, but it will work in Linux and be available through Steam.'s Russell Holly has installed Ubuntu on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It ships with Windows 8.1 and Geek advises readers to make sure they've made their restore disks before starting. But according to Holly, Ubuntu installs easily and runs pretty good on it. So check out their full coverage for more on that.

And finally today, SUSE Studio has reached a million users and 2.4 million system builds. See the full press release for more.