First Update to LibreOffice 4.0 Released

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 06, 2013

Today The Document Foundation announced an update to the milestone LibreOffice 4.0 released just one month ago. In that time, quite a large number of annoying bugs have been squashed. This update is recommended for all running 4.0.

Since the release of 4.0, not only have the daily downloads increased to "the 100,000 mark," but The Foundation has been discussing how to improve their overall developmental process. Since the explosion in the number of contributors to LibreOffice, the project is undergoing growing pains and is need of a "scale up."

Items addressed this release include:

* LibreOffice Impress Remote is now available for all platforms
* Impress remote doesn't close
* basic EMF+ implementation
* Profile data import bug during install
* Firefox plugin not recognized regression
* Crashing upon start in Ubuntu
* Charts not plotted automatically
* Recalculation on load: Usage of cached values conflict
* Formulas not refreshing on document (.ods) opening
* coupla SVG import and rendering issues
* Lots and lots of bugs throughout

While TDF recommends "the more solid and stable LibreOffice 3.6.5, backed by certified level 3 support engineers" for enterprise users, the rest of us can get LibreOffice 4.0.1 from Check out the newly released Getting Started Guide as well.