First Update to LibreOffice 5 Lands

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 27, 2015

The Document Foundation today announced the first update to the milestone LibreOffice 5.0 released a few weeks ago. This is a bug fix release bringing over 75 commits since version 5.0 was unveiled August 5.  It is recommended that those using the 5.0 branch upgrade their LibO installs with today's update.

Many of the fixes listed related to crashing and others rendering. As usual, there are a lot import/export bugs addressed as well. One bug in .docx files first reported in February had the second tier bullet list characters rendering a wee bit large. Another similar had the number list font forgotten when importing in RTF and some OOXML documents would distort images upon import. Other interesting rendering issues include tooltips showing on second display in a dual-monitor setting and using the Style drop-down increases the width of sidebar. One issue addressed a scrolling issue when the ODT document contained multiple-pages side-by-side.

Crashes were well represented too. An RTF bug caused a crash when footnotes are present and an interesting crash when using templates with nested frame styles and SVG background bitmaps was patched. A crash when editing images in Writer was fixed as well as a couple of crashes when using Web wizard. A freezing condition when inserting or using lots of special characters is another interesting sounding fix.

I've been watching the LibreOffice bug fix lists for about 5 years now and a trend that's becoming more and more obvious is the bugs being reported and fixed now are quite complicated. Many require several factors to crash and some happen only on certain systems or when doing something particular creative. This is just another indication of how lean and mean and stable this code has become. There were a few issues this time due to the latest rewrites of the UIs last release which will clean up in a few minor point releases, but overall LibreOffice just gets better and better.

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