Flickr Introduces Code.Flickr, Delivers APIs and Source Code

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 16, 2008

Flickr, Yahoo!'s photo sharing site and community, has announced, a site dedicated to information, gossip and discussion with the Flickr developer community. There are several components to the site, including, and discussion of Flickr APIs in a forum.  You can also browse Flickr's open source code, hack Uploadr, and more.

The announcement is part of an effort from Flickr in which it has been opening up over 10,000 lines of open source code in its public subversion repository, issued over 2,000 new API keys, and more.

Flickr's latest update of its Uploadr is a cross-platform, open source application built on the XULRunner framework (which Firefox is built on). You're invited to hack the Uploadr to make it work the way you want to.

Flickr's DevBlog will be tracking Flickr-related projects that people are working on, tracking changes to APIs, and more. The new moves look like they'll allow for lots of new customizations. Also, kudos to Yahoo! for continuing to embrace open standards and open source with its various applications and even its site itself (the whole thing runs on FreeBSD).

Will Flickr hacks, or access to some of Flickr's source code make a difference for you?