Flock Releases New Browser Edition With Exclusive Spanish-Language Content

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 27, 2009

Though it's easy enough to change your browser's language to Spanish, using a browser that's customized specifically for a Hispanic audience is even better. The folks behind Flock, the Mozilla-based social Web-browser, have teamed up with Spanish-language media company Univision to develop the an exclusive edition of the browser that will provide content aimed specifically at Hispanic audiences.

According to recent data collected by Experian Simmons there are over 22 million Hispanics online, and Forrester research shows over 40% of those users are active on social networking sites. Since Univision is the news and media resource of choice for many Hispanics, a Spanish-language version of a social browser paired with content from Univision seems like a natural fit.

If you're into social networking but not familiar with Flock, you owe it to yourself to check it out. As I wrote earlier this year:

"If you're steeped in social media or crazy about Flickr and YouTube then you'll love Flock the second you fire it up. It's also just the answer if you're tired of juggling dozens of apps, tabs, or windows to keep track of what's happening on Twitter and Facebook while watching a video of a cat playing piano and flipping through pictures of penguins".

According to a prepared statement, the Spanish-language edition of Flock will add an extra layer of customization to the browser. "The exclusive Univision.com edition of Flock includes access to news, entertainment and sports feeds, as well as a default Univision.com homepage tab and search capability. The custom social media browser also features “favorite” bookmarks, media streams of popular Univision.com videos and photos, and persistent links to other areas of Univision.com."