Four Offbeat Open Source Browsers

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 15, 2008

Although you'll occasionally come across someone who uses Opera, the world of browser users consists largely of people using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. However, for niche applications, fast performance, and for other reasons, many free spirits use some of the unusual open source browsers out there. Here, you'll find four of them, and what they're good at.

1. uBrowser

uBrowser is an open source browser concept based on Mozilla's Gecko rendering enine, but, get this, it uses OpenGL to render web pages as cubes, and in other bizarre shapes. Why would anyone want to do this? For the same reason people climb Everest--because it's there. Seriously though, uBrowser isn't meant to be used as a dedicated browser. It's a test application, and gets used within other applications.

2. Shiira