Free RightScale Tool Lets You Compare Public Clouds

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 08, 2016

Although Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have much of the momentum among public cloud computing platforms, it is still difficult for many enterprises to make decisions regarding deployment of services and applications in the cloud. The problem is that there are many variables regarding how applications work on the platforms, available virtual machine resources, and more.

Now, RighScale has launched a timely tool that addresses the need for comparing public clouds. It's called RightScale Public Cloud Comparison, and the tool could be useful as enterprises increasingly mix and match public cloud providers for computing, as well as storage and offloading workloads.

RightScale's tool allows you to compare the largest hyperscale cloud providers---AWS, Microsoft's Azure, Google and IBM's SoftLayer-- and it is smart about the fact that users want to evaluate virtual machine capabilities, integration with various Linux platforms, and more. 

You can compare virtual machine size, service level agreements, as well as operating system support and database and additional services.

In separate news, RightScale was recently cited as a cloud leader in the Forrester Wave Report.  The report noted the following:

"RightScale led the pack with support for many different cloud platform basic and advanced services, the broadest breadth and depth of available cross-cloud templates, very mature governance capabilities, embedded cost analytics, and the most widely used and praised hybrid cloud APIs and external tool integrations.

"Customers are very loyal, praise the vendor's support staff, and repeatedly called out its market-leading developer-friendly APIs and unwavering cloud-agnostic strategy ("they don't compete at the platform layer")."

As for RightScale's Public Cloud Comparison tool, here is a screenshot: