Free Your Files, Learning Linux, and Red Hat Jobs

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 02, 2014

The Document Foundation today announced a new initiative "to free users from vendor lock-in of contents." In other news, Red Hat jobs are in the news today. Jack M. Germain asked various people if they could live the pure Open Source life. And has a few tips for those wishing to learn Linux.

Topping Linux news today is the announcement from The Document Foundation, of LibreOffice repute, of a new project to find "a solution to the routine problem faced by many computer users, who have their personal digital contents stored in an old, outdated and unaccessible file format." The announcement states that LibreOffice developers have been working to bring more and more file formats into support but TDF hopes this new focus will bring many more developers into the fold to support even more. The home of the new Document Liberation Project is where developers are "united to free users from vendor lock-in of content." If you wish to help, start with the Contribute Page.

Red Hat popped up onto the radar in several places today, with two speaking of aspects of Red Hat employment. Red Hat was positioned to hire hundreds of new employees this year and a recent update from Triangle Business Journal says over half are assumed to be destined for overseas locations. Most of those projected 800 jobs are in the areas of sales and products & technologies and can also be spread out across various Red Hat facilities across The States and encompass the range of experience and skill levels.

In related news, Red Hat accomplished a bit of a coup recently by luring former VCE Vice President D. Robert Martin to be their new vice president of North American Partner Sales. Soothsayers and experts alike are calling this an indication of trouble in the VMware, Cisco and EMC cloud paradise and a real feather in Red Hat's cap. Stock prices remained fairly steady today, losing 60 cents, and after hours after a bit of a rally yesterday. has an interview with Martin on why he chose to join Red Hat. He begins by saying he's always admired Open Source and Red Hat is "extremely well-positioned in the marketplace." is offering tips on "How to Start Learning Linux." They say read the docs; participate on IRC, forums, and websites; and listen to podcasts. They even add "Google is your friend." See that full post for more.

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