Fuduntu Turns One, Forks Fedora

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 09, 2011

Fuduntu released version 14.12 recently, and with it came two interesting announcements. Andrew "Fewt" Wyatt said in a blog post that it was just a year ago when he made that original upload to SourceForge and now a year later his distro is competing in the Top 50 at Distrowatch.

As Fuduntu turns one Fedora 14 is reaching the end of its lifecycle. As such, Wyatt and friends have been working to fork from Fedora. On November 7, Wyatt announced success. He said, "Today I would like to announce that we are officially forked. This means that we are now a self contained, self hosted distribution. Fuduntu is now built from Fuduntu repositories, and we only pull from Fuduntu repositories by default."

Wyatt also announced version 14.12 to mark the anniversary. "Fuduntu 14.12 is our first release media built from Fuduntu repositories without any external dependencies." 14.12 features Kernel 3.0.7, Xorg 1.11.1, and Flash 11. Downloads links are provided in Wyatt's post as well as the instructions for upgrading.

Happy Anniversary Fuduntu! The second year will be even more exciting.