Gentoo "Choice Edition" Released, Slackware & Tumbleweed Latest

by Ostatic Staff - May. 28, 2016

The big news today was the release of Gentoo 20160514, dubbed "Choice Edition" because it is especially good, cool, and excellent. In related news, Calculate Linux received an updated release and Computer Business Review answers, "What is Ubuntu?" Dimstar posted the latest changes to Tumbleweed and Slackware-current got some new updates. Laurent Montel answered Andreas Huettel's post on Akonadi must die and Fedora 24 sports new font improvements.

Gentoo "Choice Edition" was announced today on The short and sweet post said, "We’re happy to announce the availability of an updated Gentoo LiveDVD. As usual, you can find it on our downloads page." It also comes in a minimal install image as well as a Stage 3 tarball. The liveDVD ships in a 64-bit version and a 32/64-bit hybrid for those still using 32-bit machinery. This release brings Linux 4.5.0, GCC 5.3.0, Xorg 1.18.3, KDE Plasma 5.6.2, GNOME 3.18.2, Firefox 45.0.1, LibreOffice, and GIMP 2.9.2. Gentoo 2016.0 Live also includes UEFI support, ZFSOnLinux, and writable AUFS.

Slackware-current received a lot of updates this week. Ghostscript was upgraded and rebuilt using system libraries instead of bundled to fix an old crash (although some later reverted). That probably triggered the rebuild of a lot of stuff like libpng, libtiff, and imagemagick. Today init scripts were rebuilt to allow /usr on separate partition. libxml and libxslt were patched to fix security issues and LXC was upgraded to newer version.

Laurent Montel today addressed Andreas Huettel's May 26 post expressing his frustrations with Akonadi and Kmail. Montel, sounding a bit frustrated himself, said it wasn't a constructive post and was unacceptable. He said, "Who are you to tell us to stop developing KMail based on Akonadi? Nobody forced you to use Kmail! I didn't see a patch from you to fix it." He concluded that if you aren't happy with any application, you're free to use another.

In other news:

* Font improvements in Fedora 24 Workstation

* Gentoo-based Calculate Linux 15.17 released with KDE 5

* MATE 1.14 landing in Debian unstable...

* openSUSE Tumbleweed Review Week 2016/21

* Birds Linux 8.0 debuts to help students with new features