Gentoo Christens Shiny New Wiki

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 10, 2011

The Gentoo project today announced the official Gentoo Wiki. This step has been a long time coming. When disaster took out most of the volunteer wiki several years ago, a big hole was left. This hole has now been filled by a "herd of proper Gentoo developers."

The Gentoo project runs on its documentation. The Gentoo Handbook is indispensable for getting Gentoo up and running properly, but for issues beyond what's covered in the Handbook a well stocked wiki is ideal. Documentation at the Gentoo Wiki is still a bit sparse right now, but volunteers are invited to contribute.

The basics are in place: broad categories, alphabetized subcategories, further subcategories if needed, and a few pages. Some "getting started" information is available for those who might like to contribute as well as recent Wiki news.

So, go check it out.