Gentoo Gets an Installer

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 24, 2011

Almost as though they heard my suggestions, Gentoo now has an installer. It's not included on an official Live DVD just yet, but it just might next release.

Wiktor W Brodlo has ported the Red Hat Anaconda installer from Sabayon to work with Gentoo. You can either install it in the live Gentoo environment or you can roll it up in a new Gentoo ISO.

In the live environment, one adds the Git overlay repository and emerge it. Once installed, one should be able to install the Gentoo binary system. The other option is to create a whole new custom Live DVD. One basically mounts the ISO, copy it to your hard drive, chroot into the folder, install Anaconda, replace the squashfs image, and then roll the ISO.

If this works out well, there is little reason Gentoo couldn't include it in their next release. Sure, users would start out with a binary system and they could either rebuild it all at once or let it rebuild as you go over time - a la Toorox. Or, as some folks may choose, don't rebuild the system at all.

Small steps.

● How to create custom Live DVD with Installer.

● How to install Anaconda in live environment.

● Create a custom Stage 4 archive.